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MARC's experts have implemented large and small scale consulting and research projects in Financial, FMCG, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Electronics markets world wide.


Segmentation of Consumers on Banking Market

Client's Goals: to bring new affluent customers in order to secure high and steady banks' products.

Solution: Segments identified based on research of existing and potential customers by MARC's Segmentation Method.

Outcome: services and products were designed aimed at segments; new channels of communication were created and new advertisement policies.

Market Demand Assessment for Food Products on FMCG market

Clients' Goals: to increase sales and to attract new groups of customers.

Solution: key factors of customers' dissatisfaction were identified; customers' expectations were measured and assessed to specific food products.

Outcome: substantial sales increase; new package and advertisement strategies were introduced

Efficiency Assessment of Advertisement and ROI on Insurance Market

Client's Goals: to expand brand advertisement and to bring new customers.

Solutions: The most efficient range of investment was defined based (a) on appraisal of current and future trends of the brand development; (b) studies aimed at determining "healthy brand" parameters by MARC's BrandLoyalty Model; (c) revision of ads' policies.

Outcome: Expanded market share of the brand; increase in number of phone calls fom new customers and in sales.



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MARC applies multi-dimensional approach to bring together consumer demands, business practices, and a specific company's goals.