Providing actionable solutions that reflect the wide range of our practical experience, scientific approach and provocative points of view

MARC has designed and implemented a sound set of applied methodologies that are constantly under thorough verification and update by our experts. Our methodologies such as PA-NOMA,TTM (Think Tank Method), have deserved a world-wide reputation.


MARC has responded to new market developments and challanges by introdusing its expertise in new areas. A new division MARC SPORT was established in 2010 with a focus on sport marketing, sport sponsorship assessment and investment. More about it see


One of Our Signature Methods in Action:

Cross-Segments Approach

Cross-Segments Approach (CSA) is our signature method that is currently widely used on various markets in Russia. Cross-Segmentation leads to guaranteed growth of the market share. It general principle is to divide segmentation analysis between Customers' Segmentation and Product Market Segmentation. The main goal of the Cross-Segmentation Approach is to identify segments within customers' poll based on their market experience, patterns of their market behavior, life-style, their demographics, occupational and income characteristics. This methods is heavily based on the specialized software use for accurate and meaninful segments' identification.

CSA has proved its efficiency and helped our clients in the following areas:


  • Identification of Target Segments
  • Product Promotion Strategy
  • Marketing Efficiency Assessment
  • Optimal Communications' Channels
  • Current Sales Channels Analysis
  • Potential Sales Channels
  • Evaluation Regional Factor Analysis.


Selected Methods in Use


Segmentation and Market Behavior

• Cross-Segments Approach (CSA)



Optimization of Product Portfolio and Sales Channels

• Product and Name Test

• Line Optimization Test (LOT), including TURF Analysis

• Site-Testing, including Click-Test and UsabilityValue


Brand Building

Brand Power Monitor

• Brand Evaluation and Brand Health Tracking, including BrandLoyalty Model

• Advertising Test, including AdClipPlus

• SnapshotSA (blitz sport advertisement assessment)


Consumer and Employee Satisfaction

• I5-Loyalty Consumer

• I5-Loyalty Employee


Customers' Values and Behavior Models

• Projection Methods

• Think Tank Method (TTM)





MARC applies multi-dimensional approach to bring together consumer demands, business practices, and a specific company's goals.